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Big Bear Valley CommunityEmergency Response Team, BBVCERT

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BBVCERT Training Gallery

The photographs depicted on the left are of actual BBVCERT training exercises. All of the photographs were shot live at a BBVCERT training session.


CERT classes are free and open to all adults who are 18 years of age and older and legal residents of the United States. Taking the CERT basic training does not obligate participants to anything beyond self-preparedness, for one’s own personal use.


When a disaster strikes, knowing what to do, how to do it, and if and when you should do it, is empowering. With this training you are putting yourself in a knowledgeable position - no longer helpless but with the ability to help your own family, neighbors and friends. Initial training consists of a series of five (5) four hour training classes which are held on five consecutive nights from 6 pm to 10 pm at Paradise Maintenance Yard on Grenfall Ln. in Big Bear City.

Email to bbvcert@gmail.com to sign up for the CERT classes or call the Big Bear Fire Department 909.866.7566.

How Do I Join BBV-CERT?      

Qualifications for BBV-CERT Membership

Membership in BBV-CERT is open to all adults  who are legal residents of the United States, have taken the basic training, and are interested in participating in the work of the organization.

San Bernardino County Fire Department requirements are described below to become an active member of the BBV-CERT.

All participants must complete the online courses IS-100B and IS-700A, accessible on "training.FEMA.gov" prior to the training.
  1. The individual must complete the FEMA 20-hour CERT training. (Offered a few times per year).
  2. The person must become a County/State Disaster Service Worker. (An opportunity to do this is presented following graduation from basic training.)
  3. The individual is required to pass a background check provided by the San Bernardino County Office of Emergency Services. Applicants need to go to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Big Bear Office at 477 Summit Blvd., Big Bear Lake, (by appointment only) or to Headquarters at 655 E. 3rd St., San Bernardino, for the Live Scan fingerprinting. This process must be initiated within 30 days of graduation from training.