Big Bear Emergency Communications

Big Bear Amateur HAM Radio Club

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster where phone lines and cell towers do not work, amateur radios may be the only means of communication with agencies off the mountain.  Emergency trained amateur radio operators may be in great demand at that time.  Big Bear Valley CERT encourages all members to study for and obtain their FCC amateur radio Technicians license.

During an emergency activation with County Fire, amateur radio operators will be placed in the field and will be able to communicate directly with the Command Center.  Members who are not licensed by the FCC will use FRS radios on set frequencies.

A coordinated repeater has been made available for use by BBV CERT, other emergency responders and special events taking place within Big Bear Valley.  The range of the repeater extends from Erwin Lake and Johnson Grade to Lakeview Point and most areas of the Arctic Circle, upper Fawnskin and upper Moonridge.  Due to terrain and line of sight, there are some areas of the Valley from which you may not be able to access the repeater

The “Big Bear Valley CERT Net” meets on Thursdays at 7:00 pm.  Members are encouraged to check in and let Net Control know if they are currently available or unavailable for activation.  Visitors are also welcome to check in on the Net.

Please monitor the frequency during emergencies or weather related incidents.

If you have any questions on joining our net or how to obtain your FCC license, please email:

HAM Radio Operators in Action – Baker2Vegas

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