Meeting Minutes – August 2021

BBV-CERT Meeting
August 23, 2021

General Meeting: Present: Susan and Steve Elliott, Eric Steele, Dave and CeCe Rohrdantz, Nancy Karlson, Norma and Bob Grimes, Christina Amelsberg, Sam Bolog, Phil and Peggy Diffenbaugh, Tom Hermon, Ed Williams, Elizabeth Leotaud (guest), Craig (guest), Robert Stegeman (17)

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm.

Nominations for Secretary: Dede nominated Nancy Karlson, who accepted the nomination. A vote was unanimous in favor.

Nominations for Vice-President: Steve Elliott nominated Susan Elliott, who accepted the nomination. A vote was unanimous in favor.

Dede noted that she will meet with Nancy in the coming weeks at Alaska Federal to sign bank card.

Susan invited Tour de Big Bear volunteers to Wyatt’s on Thursday at 5:30 pm for the appreciation dinner.

There was a discussion of the Tour de Big Bear event. Dede announced receipt of a $1500 donation to BBVCERT from Tour de Big Bear.

Eric asked Nancy about the status of the Discovery Center. She gave a brief update on current activities held.

Treasurer Report: Dede reported that the current balance is $3026.87.

Training: Eric lead training on hiking injuries and deaths, including the following highlights-
• Most fatalities age 20-29.
• Death primarily caused from getting lost and dehydration
• Hiking is the 3rd most common cause of injuries after snowboarding and sledding (per CDC
• Steps to take if lost
o Stay calm and don’t panic.
o Stay on trail if on a trail.
o Develop a plan to get help.
o Identify what natural resources may be available/edible (i.e. berries, nuts, etc.).
o Protect skin from sun (largest organ in the body).
o Identify steps if a bear is encountered (standing ground, stay still and calm, wave arms)
o Bring essential survival gear, such as a friend, water, whistle, flashlight, sunscreen,
survival blankets, first aid supplies and a ham radio. It was also noted that recording the
route (which Nancy noted is available through the “All Trails” and “Gaia apps” as well as

Eric led various discussions with meeting participants and summarized the essential steps as “Stop, Think, Observe and Plan.

Other: Dede requested that Board members meet in the near future to discuss certain topics that would be relevant to the CERT members.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:07 Pm.
Next meeting: September 27 at 6:00 pm.