Meeting Minutes – July 2019

Big Bear CERT General Meeting

July 22, 2019 – Big Bear Senior Center

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

Upcoming Events

Next fundraiser will be held at Maggio’s Pizza on September 11, 2019.  Marie has flyers available to promote the event.

HAM Radio/Net

20 CERT members have their HAM radio operators license.  Some are checking in on the weekly Thursday net call.  Thank you to Ed for manning the Net.  Not much action as of late.

Please let Dede know if you are not receiving the weekly email reminders.

GMRS:  get call sign.  Anyone you call “family” can use these radios.  Good for 10 years.  You can stretch the “family” to anyone that you decide.  GMRS is similar to FRS; fairly informal; limited areas but works fairly well most places.  Dede and Tom can help if you’re interested in learning more.

Big Bear Air Fair

Good volunteer help.  30 signed up for information and possible training.

August CERT Training

34 are signed up for the CERT classes August 26-29 (Monday – Thursday) from 6 to 10 pm. We’re trying to get Tom Harmon to do pictures and fingerprinting to expedite process.  Want informal drop in those night to promote CERT.

Trona/Ridgecrest Earthquake Response

We were only CERT team from Division 3 who went up to assist.  Many of the BBC-CERT team went to Trona to help.  Only San Bernardino County CERT people, people in Health and Human Services.  Base was set up at the local high school to distribute water.   Eventually National Guard was on site.

Red Cross and some caterers were on site to distribute sandwiches and other food as well as local churches and Stater Brothers market.

Temperatures were well over 100F so mandatory breaks and short shifts were in effect. Lack of A/C and electricity made conditions more difficult.

Radios didn’t work well out there.  Yomar reported that COAD-VOAD was activated in order to get proper resources.

Local residents were very grateful for the assistance. 30% of residents were senior citizens.  Question arose whether or not Big Bear is sufficiently prepared for a major event like this.

Eric: Needed a good deal of water there.  Trona had gone two weeks without water service.  50 people came over from Simi Valley CERT to help.

Tour de Big Bear

Volunteer meeting July 20th at Nottinghams.  CERT representative needs to pick up Snow Valley aid station food and be down there by 6:45 am Saturday morning.   Duties will include cutting up food, distributing and cheering for riders.   Please wear your CERT gear.

Gary and Debbie will be on HAM radios to help with communication.  Tour de Big Bear will donate $500 to BBV-CERT in appreciation of volunteering.

Radio Awareness Class: Pat, Rialto Wed night.

Eric would like to have appreciation day to meet other CERT teams.  Date TBA.

Next meeting Monday, August 26th.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.