Meeting Minutes – July 2021

CERT BOARD MEETING:  Monday, July 26, 2021

Opened meeting at 5:45pm


Attended by:   Susan Elliott and Dede Hermon


Discussed agenda:  Tour de Big Bear Aid stations, Elections:  Vice President and Secretary

Dede said that we need Eric’s input before sending out a ballot.


Treasurer’s Report:  $1426.87 after $0.14 deposit for interest


CERT renewals TBD.  Will probably only require information update and new photos.


Next meeting will be August 23 at 6:00 pm at the Big Bear Lake Fire Department #281


Closed at 5:59 pm




CERT GENERAL MEETING:  Opened at 6:00 pm


Attended by:  Susan and Steve Elliott, Tom and Dede Hermon, Nancy Karlson, Christina Amelsberg, Maria Laverty, Yomar and Bob Cleary, Norma and Bob Grimes, Craig Schubel (guest), Ed Stanick, Sam Bolog, David and Cecilia Rohrdanz could not connect


During Introductions, Nancy Karlson asked where Eric was for the meeting tonight.  Susan said he was out of town.


Tour de Big Bear Aid Station:  Kick off dinner 8/2 at Old Country Inn

New volunteers:  Sam Bolog and son, Craig Schubel, Bob and Norma Grimes

Other volunteers:  Tom, Dede, Nancy and Maria will be working Emergency Communications; Ed will be a ride host; Christina will be working with the hospital

Dede shared that this is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and everyone’s help is appreciated.


Elections:  Secretary and VP are open for election.  Susan has nominated herself as VP.  Nominations are open for both positions.


Treasurer’s Report – $1428.87


Training:  Susan presented on Active Shooter and mass attacks in time of Covid-19 pandemic


Closed at 6:55 pm




7.26.2021 Big Bear CERT Board and General Meeting