Meeting Minutes – March 2018

Big Bear Valley CERT General Meeting Minutes

 Monday, March 26, 2017 — 6:30 pm

Eric called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Started meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance

John handed out new badges/credentials to those in attendance

John gave an overview of what’s happening:

  • He handed out his business card, along with phone number and email to those interested
  • He stated he works a 9/80 should anyone try to reach him
  • He supports training with other CERTs and within our own
  • He identified the need of a Program wide unified mask radio net and is working on that
  • He stated all teams are authorized to attend any training, Yucaipa, Morongo, etc.
    1. He asked that if we do attend training we let him know so he has that information also
  • If we want he can make moulage available to us
  • The Lytle Creek radio issue has been solved
  • He stated that Active 911 paid for all CERT coordinators and he is trying to get it paid for all CERT volunteers
    1. Currently it’s $13/year and he is trying to get the money for ~300 people
  • John is working on the training requirements for the CERT driver training for County Fire


Eric discussed the following:

  • Reviewed the training schedules and online training
  • Introduced new CERT member Lorrie Beaver
  • Stated we will have a discussion on teams/divisions at the next meeting (April meeting)
  • Shared the Sonora Cantina fundraiser information with the members
  • Asked about moving the meeting time to start at 6:00pm
    1. Members agreed
  • Asked about continuing to meet in July and August
    1. Members wanted to still meet
  • Asked if there were any volunteers for Treasurer, needs to have working knowledge of Quick Books
    1. No one interested so Dede agreed to be Interim Treasurer until someone steps forward
  • Announced that Dave R. agreed to be the Training Coordinator

Eric adjourned the meeting at 8:21pm