Meeting Minutes – March 2019

Big Bear CERT General Meeting

March 25, 2019 – Big Bear Senior Center

Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance

President’s Report – Eric Steele

Thank you to all who helped with the Christmas dinner. A $100 donation was made to the church in appreciation of their hospitality.

Welcome to new members!

February 14th CERT Activation

  • Thank you to all that came out on February 14th to help fill sand bags during the storm. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the community.  We helped to fill 800 sandbags.
  • Those who helped on February 14th are encouraged to come to the Big Bear Fire Authority Board meeting at City Hall on Wednesday, April 23rd as they’d like to recognize the CERT team response.

Maria Laverty helped out as a HAM at the Baker 2 Vegas race this past weekend.  A video that highlights the need for HAM communications during the event was added to the CERT website. Thank you Maria! Flood Warnings

  • Just 6” of water can sweep a person away on foot. Less than 12” can sweep away a vehicle.
  • Vehicle in the lake: Myth Busters video about a submerged car and how difficult it is to get out. You cannot open door against the water pressure. Roll windows down as quickly as possible or use headrest or other tool to break the side window out. Break window at the edge by the doorframe.
  • Turn around – Don’t drown!

Sound the Alarm

The Red Cross Sound the Alarm event is Saturday, April 27th.  There will be a command post, teams of four and radio communication so it’s a good exercise for the CERT team. Fire Department will also be in attendance.

Fundraising – Marie Smith

Monday, June 3rd Tacos at Sonora Cantina all day.   Jim and Marie will solicit for donations/gifts but others are welcome to help with that.

Wednesday, September 11th – Maggio’s fundraiser.  Buy any pizza and Maggio’s will donate a portion of proceeds to CERT.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.