Meeting Minutes – September 2021

BBV CERT MeetingOn-line Via Zoom
September 27, 2021

General Meeting: Present: Dede Hermon, Nancy Karlson, C.Maria Laverty, Tom Hermon, Norma and Bob Grimes, Sam Bolog, Phil and Peggy Defibaugh, Ed Williams, Craig Schubel (guest), Maria and Jim Smith.

Prior to calling the meeting to order, Dede mentioned that the start time was being delayed for a short period to allow Eric to join, as he was enroute from Nevada. Dede then engaged the CERT participants in a variety of topics including an update on what and how individual members are currently doing.

Call to Order: Dede then called the meeting to order at 6:25pm.

Treasurer Report: Dede reported on the monthly activity.
• Beginning balance: $3,026.89
• Disbursements:
o Secretary of State -25.00
o Bad Bear Sports -26.94 (to be reimbursed)
• Ending balance $2,974.95

General Topics of Discussion:
Dede referred to Nancy as to whether she had any additional comments to add. Nancy opened a discussion with the group, requesting participants to share any questions or thoughts related to CERT or other areas of interest that they would like to address in the current or future meetings.

The group raised a number of questions about how Ham radios are used in CERT. Bob Grimes inquired about which Ham frequencies would be used in emergencies. Dede responded that
OES frequencies would likely be used in most events (providing specifics to the group). Tom added that notifications would be sent advising of frequencies associated with special  circumstances or events. Dede and Tom provided additional commentary about the use of BBCERT for communicating locally about road conditions and related matters.

Craig raised a question about training opportunities. Sam shared that on-line options are available through FEMA. Dede suggested that Craig should start with the basic, 20-hour, inperson training for CERT and coordinate involvement through Michael Ramirez.

Other topics of interest included red bag training as well as the inventory status and location of CERT assets. Bob expressed an interest in assisting with the inventory assessment, as did Nancy.

Meeting adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:53 p.m.
Next meeting: October 25 at 6:00 pm.